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Events & Workshops

Most of the plant shows we planned to attend in 2020 have been canceled or put on hold in lieu of COVID-19. Please stay safe and check back once things get back to normal. We look forward to seeing everyone once it's safe to do so. Thank you for your continued support as we all adjust to the current situation. Please join our email list here to receive information on our plant talks, workshops and other events we'll be part of in the future.

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Perennials 101



We are not hosting any workshops at this time. Once everyone is healthy again, we look forward to bringing you our Perennials 101 Workshop - designed for those just getting started growing perennials.

Master Gardener Must-Haves



Are you a Master Gardener or otherwise experienced gardener? We're happy to provide you and your like-minded gardening friends with a free guided tour of our nursery and see some of our most unique and rare varieties you won't find many other places. We look forward to seeing you.

Made In The Shade



So you're growing a perennial garden in the shade are ya? Well then, you won't want to miss this workshop as Bruce showcases some of the most popular shade varieties - along with some insider info on interesting pairing combinations and maybe a few of our secret varieties. Please stay tuned for updates on our plant talks and workshops. We hope to be able to offer some events later this summer. Thank you for your interest!

Don't Kill Your Plants Workshop 


Do you love gardening, but have a hard time keeping everything alive? You don't have to be an expert in horticulture to enjoy gardening. This workshop provides gardening novices with tried and true tips for growing perennials gardens that will flourish year after year. Check back for updates on when we will be able to resume workshops and plant talks at McCue Gardens.

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